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On Site Seminars by Doug Gertner

I offer a wide range of classes, seminars, workshops and courses delivered as half, full, and multi-day sessions that are customized to bring new skills, insights, and approaches to participants.  Download my newest seminar catalogue here.

Team Building & Development

Bringing people together requires attention to group dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and clear lines of communication. Time and attention are necessary if a group is to develop and grow into a healthy, productive team. My teambuilding begins with a thorough assessment of the existing group dynamics and needs. Next, I custom design a teambuilding experience to assist the group in meeting its goals. Teambuilding usually involves some initial acquaintance-building activities, followed by climate settinggroup-level assessment, and targeted experiential activities directed at the needs and goals of the group. Instrumentation such as the Parker Team Player Styles Assessment can complement these activities. A complete group processing and debrief session, along with team action planning and commitment setting, concludes and brings closure to the teambuilding event. This is ideal for new teams wishing to get off to a good start, and for intact teams looking to get ‘unstuck’ or to reward themselves by having some fun! Click to learn more about how to develop and build a great team today.

Facilitation for Meetings & Groups

From the Latin word meaning “to make [a process] easy,” facilitation involves assisting a group or team to get from where they are to where they want to be. To be effective, a group leader cannot both manage and participate in a meeting. A third-party facilitator eliminates that dual role and enhances the ability of a group to achieve its goals. By providing pure facilitation for meetings, group discussions, and decision-making processes, a facilitator permits the designated group leader and every group member to be fully engaged and involved in the process itself. My facilitation services include pre-meeting needs assessment, total meeting facilitation, and a follow-up meeting or report as agreed upon in advance. Get the most out of any group process by engaging the assistance of a skilled facilitator to make the job easier. Contact me today to learn more about facilitation services and my seminar titled FACILITATING GROUPS & TEAMS THE EASY WAY.


Coaching is a one-on-one process designed to assist individuals to achieve greater balance, fulfillment, and productivity in reaching personal and professional goals. My training in the "Co-Active” coaching process comes from The Coaches Training Institute of San Rafael, California. A professional client-centered relationship--unlike therapy or consultation--coaching presumes that the client has the innate expertise and willingness needed to achieve success.


Conflict Resolution & Mediation

When conflict is not addressed and goes unresolved it will diminish working relationships and destroy group cohesion. With extensive training in conflict mediation from one of the premier programs in alternative dispute resolution, CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado, along with the study of conflict at Naropa University, I am able to offer several levels of support and intervention. Click to learn more about how I may assist you in understanding and resolving conflict.


The Grateful Dad®

After years of studying, teaching, and speaking about men and masculinities, it was natural that, after becoming a father in 1998, my men’s work would focus specifically on the important role that dads have in the lives of their children.  The Grateful Dad® is what I call this long time passion project, and I have had many satisfying opportunities to share my thoughts, skills, and concepts about parenting with passion, joy and gratitude from coast to coast...

Be grateful like it’s your full-time job.
— Doug Gertner, The Grateful Dad®