Doug Gertner and Emu Consulting offers individual, group, and skills-centered coaching:

  • Individual Coaching begins with a lengthy discovery session, and continues with weekly meetings. A three-month commitment is requested.
  • Group Coaching follows a teambuilding, facilitation, or mediation session, and permits participants to focus and work toward their vision, mission, and goals.
  • Skills Coaching includes observation, feedback, and ongoing skill-building in areas such as Advanced Training Delivery, Presentation Skills, Facilitation, Communication, Supervision, Stress, Time, or Change Management, and Work/Life Balance.

Although the process may differ slightly depending on the audience and the goal, the essence of coaching remains the same: The coach's role is to forward the client's action toward his or her goal and provide ongoing clarity, challenge, focus, and support during this process, and--perhaps most critically--to serve as a source of accountability to ensure the client is reaching the established goals.

Professional coaching is guaranteed to bring positive, lasting change to the individuals and groups who receive it.