Hi, I'm Doug Gertner.

I will never forget the first time I stepped in front of a classroom to teach. It was on a college campus. I was wearing a coat and tie. And I was in awe of the honor and opportunity to facilitate learning and development with those students. It was one of those moments when I could walk my talk, live my values, and share my passion with willing participants. It was a high point in my life.

Fast-forward nearly 30 years. That’s how long I have spent teaching adults. My seminars still have the same, values-driven intent – helping adults learn and grow – and the same approach – interactive, high energy, and immediately useful. For the last 19 of those years I’ve had my own company. This has permitted me to create and offer practical, experiential, hands-on training and development classes for managers, supervisors, leads, leaders, and front-line employees. Even as the topics and technology change, my values have not. I still consider it an honor every time I’m asked to teach.

My unique background is one way that my company, Doug Gertner Workplace Seminars & Solutions, is different. My professional career includes service to higher education, non-profit, small business, corporate, and independent consulting. I earned a doctorate from the College of Education at University of Northern Colorado, my masters degree from Teachers College, Columbia University, and my bachelors degree from Kenyon College.  As noted, I’ve taught at ten colleges and universities in Colorado and Wyoming, lectured, published, and consulted widely in the area of gender studies, education, and management.

Beyond the ivory tower, I have taught in corporate classrooms across the country. My long list of premier clients speaks to the privilege it has been for me to serve leaders and employees at every level in a diverse range of organizations and industries. Over the decades I’ve come to appreciate and agree with the observation of a wise sage who once said: I have learned much from my teachers, more from my colleagues, and the most from my students.

Please let me know how Doug Gertner Workplace Seminars & Solutions may be of service to you and your people. What can we learn together?

Basic Bio: To some I am known as The Grateful Dad®. With my partner, Maggie Miller, I am the father of a college student. I’m an educator, trainer, consultant, broadcaster, speaker, authoractivist, and house concert presenter. My goal is to bring a laid-back, rock-n-roll wisdom to every seminar topic with engaging stories, top tips, quick quips, skills, ideas, exercises, and activities to enhance adult learning in any situation.  We make our home in the heart of Denver, Colorado. I am a huge fan of live music, and I follow most Denver sports teams. Telemark skiing is my favorite snow sport, and in summers we like to travel, and have been known to hop on mountain bikes and city cruisers. This ‘long, strange trip’ takes me far and wide teaching, training, and speaking about the things that matter most to me and my clients. Call me, and let’s explore how we might collaborate on behalf of the growth and development of your people and organization.